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Dani Grigore also known as Sonicvibe is something of an electronic music pioneer. Since his young years of pre-school, he trained as a classical pianist and was a huge rock fanatic, until one day his father gifted him with a bazaar-chinese cheap electronic keyboard. Everything bloomed for the then young Dani, who was consistently trying to recreate is his own versions of everything he thought was somehow new and eclectic to his young untrained ears.


For about a decade he sharpened his slikks as a tech/trance dj and record producer, having the chance to work with the best artists and labels in his field. He’s been putting out records for most of the classic trance labels such as Anjunabeats, Somatic Sense, Captured Music, Sony Music Media, Fenology Records, First Second, Riot! Recordings, Alter Ego, and even Mixmag throughout the turn of the millennia.


In 2007 Dani has won the first place on the “Heineken Thirst DJ/Producer Competition” in his native country, where he got the chance to play on two stages at B’ESTIVAL – a prestigious music festival in Romania – along side names like Faithless, Hooverphonic, Morcheeba, Yonderboi, Kasabian and Phil Hartnoll (Orbital). By that time, young Daniel felt there is so much more sound, and so much more to learn from this life, so it was the time of expanding the knowledge.


Currently, feeling that the evolution has started to ripe and his ears have gained the needed training, Dani has started putting out records and remixes again, slowly blending his way and style to the likes of many deep, house and disco artists like Joseph Terruel, Heion, Trujillo, Hotbox and Dave Allison.


He has recently released music on our label Fruit Of Life here in Taiwan, followed swiftly by one on Hotbox Music (US), Bust A Dub (Mexico) and Editorial Records (Canada).



Listen to Sonicvibe’s exclusive mix for’s Boogie Taipei radio show…



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