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His constant workflow and occasional free downloads featuring heavily over the course of the Metaformosis series and we were fortunate to team up with him on our first release with our Fruit Of Life label.


Futurewife is a producer from the Pacific Northwest whose tastes run the gamut of genres and whose production style is, at best, loose and ‘all over the place.’ He has little to no formal training and prefers to perform on a controller and in gay clubs.


He has put in work for Dolby Anol’s Mortar & Pestle (UK/France), Sunshine Jones’s Treehouse Musique (US), the now defunct Immersed Audio Records (UK), Mix le Fun (MEX), Hush Hush (US) and more. He is currently (2013) represented by Brilliantine of Toronto and our very own Fruit Of Life (Taiwan).



Listen to Futurewife’s exclusive mix for liaoliao.tw’s Boogie Taipei radio show…




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