Dr. GoFast

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‘Dr. GoFast’ is the artistic project of Stephano Nunez, an electronic music producer, graphic artist and radio dj from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Dr. GoFast produces electronic dance music with a hip hop inspired‘ sample heavy’ groove .


Stephano first became interested in music production as a teenager after getting a free promotional copy of Ejay Music Production Software in the year 2000. While making beats after school and getting to grips with the software, he quickly grew tired of the standardised vocals and loops and started importing samples of his favorite artists into this rudimentary software. Cutting up, reorganizing and creating new and exciting sounds


Taking inspiration from sampling greats like Fatboy Slim and Daft Punk, he kept honing his craft and eventually started graduating to more professional DJ and Music Production platforms in the 15 years following that first track.


Stephano started releasing his remixes and original compositions under the name Dr. GoFast on Myspace in 2007, and subsequently Soundcloud in 2010.


Dr. GoFast has seen official remix releases on labels like ‘So French Records’ (2014) and ‘Fruit of Life’ (2015)



Dr. GoFast

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