David Lodge – Be Normal EP (Flower Of Life)



Dave Lodge has been sucking the life out of parties since before the Acid House wars were won. Whilst everyone else was high on the vanquishing of Thatcher and heavy-duty Snowballs, losing themselves on the dance floor – Dave was in the corner taking notes, eating his hair in wonderment at the drum programming on one Detroit classic or another.


It got worse on the journey home; he’d talk (in great detail) about wonky time signatures, snare sounds, hand-claps and why exactly a Roland 303 kills fascists. It’s not like he wasn’t animated as he prodded you as he spoke, but I couldn’t give a shit: all I wanted to do was lick the window and do some more dribbling.


Luckily for you, the saliva that stained Tony’s Vauxhall Cavalier was well worth it. Dave’s first  EP is the culmination of nigh-on 30 years of note taking, record collecting, sonic geekery and early morning service-station dinners.


On opening track ‘Be’ he reminds you what it was like to be scared by a kick drum in sheep’s clothing. And then taken back to François Kervokian’s house for an afterparty. In 1989. At this afterparty, Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzales hands you a cold Corona and wanders back into the kitchen to chop a lime (he forgot: allow that; he’s bigger than Louie. And you.)


‘Skins’ is as the title suggests: four minutes fifty-five seconds of goosebumps. I don’t want to write about its bassline because it’s best described with a maniacal facial expression.


‘Breath’ is a Monster of Techno and that’s all you need to know. Like all good parties, the last track leaves you questioning the sanity of the nine-to-five working drudgery. It’s called ‘Steam’ and you should let off some to this EP over the weekend.


Dave’s mate (the one that dribbled in the 90s)



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