Ploxeb – Boxlive EP (Fruit Of Life)

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Entering the moth of May and we are excited to welcome yet another new artist to the the Of Life family, Ploxeb. Co creator of Art Room Records with brother Amaury Trevino who’s Ep we released in late 2015, Ploxeb now shows of his skills with a solid dance floor oriented EP titled ‘Boxlive’.


Deep dubbed out vocal house melodies in title track ‘Boxlive’. Bound together by an uplifting bass, soft soulful vocal stabs and a classic house rhythm. Ploxeb sticking true to his sound in this solo production.


A darker more menacing creation In the second track on the release. Ploxeb gets to work with brother Amaury on ‘Art Room’, a track named after a digital label the two have set up in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Intelligent drum programming once more driving the rhythm behind a strong and resolute bass groove.



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