Tulioxi – Heathcliff and other stories (Flower Of Life)

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After a short break from the scene and a quick name change from Launching Satellites to Flower Of Life to conform with the new Of Life label series based at mission control liaoliao.tw, third release on this strictly originals label comes from the historic province of Florence in the center of Italy.


Using modular analog synthesis system, a Dsi mono Evolver, his trusty old Waldorf pulse an Alesis Ion for some polyphonic parts and a roland mc 909 for sequencing…  Tullioxi has achieved a very personal and distinctive sound.


Each and every timbre used in his music is personally shaped and patched… He doesn’t use presets unless he feels the sound really works and he always goes through a process of serious sound design before starting to compose a song. One of the most interesting personalities of the Italian electronic music scene Tullioxi has crafted 4 magical deep space cosmic gems.


One way


Hypnotic bass and arpeggiating synth creating dramatic effect, intensified by a distant conversation. An eerie synth lead adds a sense of danger as the symphony in outer space explodes with bright evolving synths and snake like cosmic slithers.


Big bed Thin man


Were at the space disco now with an unimaginable array of astro folk all getting their swerve on to the fat stomping synth bass and cowbell. Inquisitive synth, rubbery bass set the groove as our robotic master of ceremony unifies the crowd.




This subtle melody built around arpeggiated synths and gentle beats. A passage of the passionate, but ultimately doomed love affair of Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff taken from the story Wuthering Heights. Magical dreamy journey with the addition of the vocoder.


Part Select


Immediate tension and danger in this intergalactic space chase. Shuttled by an energetic and fierce synth pad, a rolling bass and ultra tight percussion to a distant star where the aliens appear to make contact.



Buy digital release exclusively at Juno Download on 16th June…



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Flower Of Life

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