Dynamicron – Leave No Trace EP (Flower Of Life)

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Flower Of Life are back and the second release in the originals series has been created by the hardest working producer in the Nu Disco business. Chief matador from the Spanish isles Dynamicron Vultan makes his statement with four stone cold boogie classics.


First up for you’re listening pleasure is ‘Hard To Find’, stomping badass beats, spaced out cosmic percussion and heavy bass overlaid with a crispy rubber twang. The track builds, builds and builds some more before leaving the listener hanging on floaty high hats, then boom were back with the main ride. This time with added synthesis and more spaced out airy pads topped with super emotional string chords.


Second track in this monster release is ‘Leave No Trace’. Once more captain Dynamicron makes no bones in getting heads bopping from the out set with more trademark stomping breaks and perfectly poised percussion. Once more the dangerously deep pumping bass drives the track. It’s the acid synth in this production that takes you to that dark and deadly boogie underworld.


Slow and sexy is where Dynamicron heads with the third track on the EP titled ‘Dust’ featuring dreamy vocals from Mariana Pádua. An orgy of skippy beats and percussion with sultry dubbed out guitar. Stealth like synth stabs sweeping in and out caressing this gem in all the right places. Another magical ride full of emotion from the matador!


Finishing the EP is ‘Early Colors’, a short and sweet mellow groove leading in with slick beats. Woodwind and soft strings set the scene with a phat plucky guitar playing its part. This track lands the EP in a gentle sound space having starting the EP on a strong powerful deep and deadly vibe.


Dynamicron has held nothing back in this original boogie based affair, were sure this EP will leave you feeling all the love and attention he paid whilst creating such an enlightening collection of music.



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