Del Strange – Freak Yea! EP (Fruit Of Life)

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Following on the success of FOL001 and Joseph Terruel’s late 70’s disco inspired String Orchestra EP were back and this time Fruit Of Life are bringing the oldskool electro boogie flavors of the early 80. A sure fire hit for all you B Boys and B Girls out there.


Heading this ultra heavy boogie riot with an original edit, a house dub and hi energy mix of the title track ‘Freak, Yeah!’ is king of the synthesizer’s Del Strange. With releases on Faze Action Records and Casio Social Club making big waves over the past six months Del’s Freak, Yeah! EP carry’s the very same up beat freestyle momentum. With his trademark Moog synth melodies and early breakdance style drum machine patterns. All three edits are most definitely going to be freaking people across dance floors the worldwide.


The EP is compiled with a sexy smooth soul style edit reworked by the wizard of Aus. Mad heavy Nu Funk producer known as Freekwency, who has also seen recent success with releases on Hot Shot Sounds, Voyeurhythm and more recently ISM Records. Authentic 80’s soul vibes brought to life with all the care and finesse that made the sound so popular back in the day.


All in all FOL002 is packed with all the juicy goodness needed to work any crowd any place at any time!



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