Heion – Roots EP (Flower Of Life)

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The “Roots EP” is the debut release from the first of our labels here at  Liaoliao, Launching Satellites and we have set our standards high from the get go, with four outstanding original tracks created buy Romanian producer Heion. In a very short time Heion has built a strong portfolio of down tempo disco music. His dreamy originals and remixes have seen release on a number of labels already, including Midnight Riot, Hotbox, Los Grandes, In The Woods and most recently Gazeebo Essentials.


With his roots firmly in producing singles, Heion has created four original cosmic disco boogie tracks with the intention of turning the whole release into a live performance.


First up is “Electric Jam”. With sweet airy vibes and signature super warm bass, complimented by ultra delicate percussion, leading you softly into a sensual rubbery dubbed out synth line. The real melody to the track takes hold from this point, sweeping you away to a star in a distant galaxy.


Its then the turn of the title track, named “Roots”. Simple solid bass drum and handclaps start this funky little disco groover. In comes the heavy electric bass and phased out electric piano, singing with each other in perfect harmony before reaching a brief breakdown. The track then leaps back into life with gusto, now emphasizing the melodies with additional dubbed out metallic synth sounds. A full on space funk vibe weaves its way throughout the track.


The third track from the EP is entitled “For Two” and is another powerful and emotional cut. Super smooth and relaxed at the start of this down tempo cosmic disco funk beast. The track constantly builds on its ultra cool vibe and its when the brass fan fare joins in that this track really starts to take off. All held together with the beautiful melodies from the rhodes. Like the sound track to a Rocky movie, had Rocky been a disco dancer.


Finally we have “The Heat”. More from the trademark heavy electric bass with dubbed out plucking from the lead guitar and floating synth strings set the atmosphere in this electrifying production. But what is this? Organically growing from the centre of the track are the whispering wonders of a woodwind section. Soon joined by the funk from the rhodes and this sexy smoocher starts to undress. Its hard not to lose yourself in its beauty.


The same can be said for the EP as a whole, a true master class of contemporary nu disco and space funk vibes from a true master of organic electronic music production. Heion has arrived! Welcome to the party.



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